Consumer Rights

American Consumer Opinion® strongly believes in the following principles:

  • Consumers have the right to freely express their opinions, preferences, and grievances to the companies and governments that provide products and services to them. American Consumer Opinion® will always report consumers' viewpoints honestly and accurately to these organizations.
  • Consumers have an inalienable right to privacy. American Consumer Opinion® protects the privacy and anonymity of its panel members. Private data about these individuals (name, email address, street address, phone number, income, education, family composition, etc.) is never sold or leased to anyone. Statistical summaries of groups of consumers are compiled into reports, but the individual data of each person is always secure and private.
  • Consumers are entitled to free markets and free choice. American Consumer Opinion® will strive to promote free markets and free choice for consumers, so that they can choose how, when, and where they want to spend their money, energies, and time.
  • Consumers are entitled to the benefits of competition, wherein many companies and organizations are striving and competing to satisfy consumer needs and preferences. American Consumer Opinion® will work to promote competition around the globe.
  • Consumers are entitled to truth in advertising about the products and services they buy. American Consumer Opinion® will strive to promote this ideal through its advertising-testing services.
  • Consumers are entitled to safe and healthful products that perform as promised. American Consumer Opinion® will strive to support continuous product improvements through its product testing services.
  • Consumers are entitled to a safe environment. American Consumer Opinion® will work through its clients, its corporate activities, and its consulting services to promote behaviors, products, and services that help to preserve, protect, and restore the earth's natural environment.
  • Children have a special right to protection, and extra measures will be taken to ensure their safety. American Consumer Opinion® encourages parents to review any online survey directed to a child. No child under 14 years of age will be surveyed by American Consumer Opinion® without parental permission.

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